Walking the Path of Grace

When my friend, Katherine, passed on her Miracle Worker, ‘There is no Death’, to me she could not have known what she had set in motion.

Reading it, I looked at the Miracle Café page wistfully thinking how lovely it would be to attend Lia Steinson’s evening, ‘Walking the Path of Grace’, on the 26th February. However, living on the Isle of Wight meant it was not really practical as a night over in London would be necessary.

Not long after, however, my daughter received an invitation to attend an award ceremony at St James’s palace to receive herGold Duke of Edinburgh certificate on the morning of Wednesday, 27th February. In order to attend we would need to stay in London on the Tuesday night. Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that this might be the evening of the Miracle Café. I was amazed to see it was and promptly booked a place for my daughter and me.

On the Tuesday morning, in London, we spent a little while in the church of the Tyburn Convent on Bayswater Road. The nuns take it in turns to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament on the altar 24 hours of the day. While sitting there I was really drawn the symbol above the altar representing the Holy Trinity.  (A simple Celtic trinity knot)

After that, we headed across the park in the unseasonal warmth and sunshine.

In Kensington Church Street we were looking in an Oxfam shop when I found a book called ‘The Journey that never was’ by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle. I saw that it was inspired by A Course in Miracles and, of course, without hesitation bought it. I was interested to notice that the symbol before each exercise section in the book was the same symbol of the Trinity I had been contemplating earlier at Tyburn Convent!

After a short rest in the early evening we headed to Neil’s Yard and the café. We felt so welcome and embraced by the group from the minute we arrived. It was a more intimate gathering than I had expected and it felt like joining old friends as I recognized several familiar faces from the Miracle Worker in the group. What a heart opening evening we shared with so much warmth, love and joy, not to mention the delicious meal included in this special gathering.

I continue to feel a sense of awe at how gracefully this special occasion came together and how inspired it was by the teachings of ACIM. I am still feeling the glow of it. Thank you so much to Lia, Dan, Ian, KeronJ and everyone that contributes to the Miracle Worker and Miracle network events. They certainly touch people’s lives in ways further and wider than they can ever know.

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