Hersey Nature Reserve 2020

Returning to the same place again and again

Enfolds me in the ever-changing kaleidoscope of nature’s seasons.

Swallows swooping low crisscrossing the water for skating insects like skimming pebbles thrown from the shore.

Watching the newly hatched fluffy bobbing ducklings grow – 9, then 8, then 7 – oh no! Where did the missing ones go?

The fish plopping, fins rising, ripples spreading from that spot.

And the heron, as ever, statuesque in his place.

Mallards serene until a sudden chase to the air, a splash landing, and a ruffling of wings before gliding on.

A dragonfly with the iridescent turquoise body of a light saber pausing momentarily on a tall swaying sunlit grass.

An Egret taking off with perfected undercarriage to settle further on. Legs down for a quick landing before carrying on its back and forth fishing dance.

And the buntings chattering in the dense reeds mostly out of sight.

The quiet companionship of a pair of ducks as they come closer and closer sifting with beaks along the sandy bank.

And the kingfisher appearing, out of the blue, to hover stationary before my eyes, dive down vertically and reappear as a fleeting streak across the water lanes.

Birch trees silver trunks unchanging as their leaves dance to the turning of the seasons,

And the ever shimmering play of light on water

As I return to be embraced in the unfolding scene that carries on in the same place day after day @Hersey nature reserve 2020

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