Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies

by Stefania Maurizi

A must-read for anybody who wants clear insight into the dark side of the power structures that rule over us.

In this page-turner of a book, Stefania cuts through the seemingly complex web woven intentionally around Julian Assange and WikiLeaks by Secret Power, in its efforts to permanently ensnare those who seriously challenge its interests, in an engaging and accessible style that will appeal to those with previous knowledge of the case or not.

Stefania’s book is invaluable in its presentation of chronology and details as she describes a plot that would defy even the most elaborate thriller not to mention accounts related to her own personal experiences in working on the WikiLeaks material and in meetings with Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks journalists.

The author also plays her own vital and unique role in the Assange case through her incredibly determined efforts to access the inner workings of Secret Power through FOIA requests. These are mostly thwarted, sending a chilling message about the level of orchestration by multiple states to hide the evidence of their complicity in Assange’s persecution from the public. Against these odds, Stefania manages to prise open precious chinks that reveal what is really going on behind the scenes

Despite the intensity of the subject; accounts of the heinous crimes published by WikiLeaks and the silencing and psychological torture of its founder, the courageous free press advocate, visionary, and prisoner of conscience, Julian Assange, in the so-called democratic world, her own warmth, humanity, and intelligence shine through holding up a ray of hope in the darkness she reveals. 

The persecution of Julian Assange across multiple jurisdictions is one that all responsible citizens determined to take a stand against injustice need to become familiar with. Stefania’s book is therefore also an important call to action for any concerned reader. 

In the words of Julian Assange: one of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice.

On a personal note early on in reading the book I flipped to the acknowledgments and among them, on page 336 Stefania writes that she will mention ‘the 151 who helped reach the crowdfunding initiative goal to help support my FOIA battle within just 43 hours.’ I remembered donating in response to this call so out of interest scanned the names and was amazed to see mine in the list.  What a surprise and honour to be named in this impressive work dedicated to upholding the historical record with regard to WikiLeaks and its Enemies.


Read more about Stefania Maurizi and her book Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies by independent photographer Richard Lahuis whose ongoing Valid Values project explores the values of people in relation to the political persecution of Julian Assange. This project includes some of Assange’s family members, close friends, and supporters.

‘When I asked her to write a statement on her values, she replied that she will leave no stone unturned to allow journalists like Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks journalists and sources like Chelsea Manning to expose war crimes and to live free and safe after exposing them.’ – Richard Lahuis

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